Lavender is considered as a mother in the essential oil symbolism, a mother that unselfishly takes care of our health and doesn’t want anything in return. When the father of modern aromatherapy, R.M. Gatefossé, healed his hand burn with lavender oil and discovered its healing power. Lavender essential oil is obtained from plant flowers, rich in monoterpene alcohol linalool, ester linalyl acetate and coumarin. It’s a spasmolytic, mild sedative and hypnotic, hypotensive. Exercises mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity. Fastens the skin epithelialization. Lavender oil is indicated in cases of insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, allergies, burns, muscle cramps, intestinal spasms. Lavender’s hydrosol is used for skin with acne, inflammatory skin diseases and bacterial conjunctivitis.