Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) is a medicinal aromatic Mediterranean shrub that can grow up to 50-150 cm in height. It is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Lamiaceae family, with long stems and leaves 3-5 cm long, located opposite each other.

The leaves are ovate, slightly hairy and serrated on the edges. It originates from the Mediterranean area and thrives best on moist soil, although it is very resistant and can also thrive on less accessible soil.

The leaves are collected in August, before the plant blooms, so the essential oil is obtained by distilling the non-blooming plant. The plant contains very small amounts of essential oil, so large amounts of plant material are needed for production. Almost all cultures know lemon balm as an exceptional plant. Evening primrose oil is a powerful anxiolytic, and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is used to treat insomnia, panic attacks, rapid heartbeat due to stress, as well as poor digestion.

Price in EUR:

Styrofoam container with 60 holes: 0.50
Styrofoam container with 160 holes: 0.15
FI10: 1.50
FI14: 3.00

Price in HRK:

Styrofoam container with 60 holes: 3.77
Styrofoam container with 160 holes: 1.13
FI10: 11.30
FI14: 22.60

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