Marjoram or oregano (Origanum majorana L.) from the Lamiaceae family is a shrubby herbaceous perennial that grows in dry meadows as well as in hilly regions. The plant can grow up to 60 cm, has oval dark leaves and small light gray flowers.

Since it is a plant that originates from the Mediterranean, it needs a lot of light and heat to survive. It blooms from June to September, and while it is in bloom, it is distilled using steam distillation.

It is one of the popular plants of ancient Greece, when it was used as a spice, but also for digestive problems and swelling. Centuries later, it was used for skin care, menstrual problems and nervousness. The flowering plant is distilled with steam. The essential oil is dominated by monoterpenes and monoterpene alcohols, and a smaller percentage of esters and sexterpenes. This oil is a strong parasympathomimetic, which means it lowers blood pressure and has a calming effect by blocking pain transmission in the central nervous system.

Price in EUR:

Styrofoam container with 60 holes: 0.50
Styrofoam container with 160 holes: 0.15
FI10: 1.50
FI14: 3.00

Price in HRK:

Styrofoam container with 60 holes: 3.77
Styrofoam container with 160 holes: 1.13
FI10: 11.30
FI14: 22.60

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