Aroma Spray air freshener



The natural air freshener Aroma Spray is a herbal complex of Istrian lavender, lavender, juniper, laurel, rosemary, cypress, fennel and geranium plants. Thanks to the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects of the plants present, it is intended for refreshing and cleaning the living space. Effectively purifies the air and disinfects the environment. The relaxing scents of essential oils create a sense of comfort and reduce tension.

Composition: Hydrolates, essential oils, lecithin, alcohol, glycerol. The product contains 95% components of biological origin. There are no ingredients of animal origin in the product.

How to use: Spray two to three times in rooms up to 20 m2 in size. For external use only. Do not spray in eyes.

Quantity: 200 mL

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