The lavender genus (lat. Lavandula) includes over 40 different species, numerous hybrids and cultivated lavender clones. It is important to distinguish them because different types of lavender have different effects, and some of them are toxic.

The most common types of lavender whose essential oils can be found on the market are the following:

true lavender (Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula vera or Lavandula angustifolia)
broad-leaved lavender (Lavandula spica or Lavandula latifolia)
Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas)
lavenders (Lavandula x hybrida or Lavandula x intermedia)

Lavender essential oil has been known as a natural remedy since ancient times due to its beneficial properties. The Latin word lavare means to wash, which can be linked to the fact that lavender oil was used by the ancient Romans to wash wounds. The story goes that the glove makers from Grasse escaped the plague epidemic in the Middle Ages, precisely thanks to the lavender oil they used to flavor the leather.

Price in EUR:

Styrofoam container with 60 holes: 0.50
Styrofoam container with 160 holes: 0.15
FI10: 1.50
FI14: 3.00

Price in HRK:

Styrofoam container with 60 holes: 3.77
Styrofoam container with 160 holes: 1.13
FI10: 11.30
FI14: 22.60

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