Immortelle day cream

 20,00 (150,69 kn)


What makes immortelle special is its regenerative and anti-aging effect on damaged skin cells. Acting like a needle and thread, immortelle tightens and firms the skin, rejuvenates, renews the epidermis and smoothes wrinkles. With a beautiful silky texture, this cream contains a powerful combination of hydrolate and immortelle essential oil, restoring the skin’s vitality and youthful appearance. The formula is enriched with vegetable oils that contain a high level of polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin K and fatty acids. The result of the synergistic effect of these ingredients is increased collagen formation and improvement of skin elasticity. After regular use, the skin becomes softer, firmer and more resistant to the harmful effects of external factors.

Ingredients: Helichrysum italicum flower water, Foeniculum vulgare water, Lavandula angustifolia flower water, Rosmarinus officinalis water, Pelargonium graveolens flower water, Caprilyl glycol, Sodium stearoyl lactylate, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Cholesterol, Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, Squalene, Lecithin, Rosmarinic acid , Citric acid, Helichrysum italicum flower oil, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Foeniculum vulgare oil, Tocopheryl acetate

How to use: Apply the desired amount of cream to the cleansed face and gently massage into the facial skin.

Packaging: 50 mL

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