DETOX(I)RA – low-calorie drink concentrate



DETOX(I)RA is a drink that has a bactericidal effect, as it destroys putrefactive bacteria in the intestinal flora, and helps in the development of fermentation bacteria. It is a process that leads to detoxification of the intestines and the entire organism. The main ingredient is pine extract, which is the most powerful natural diuretic, so it effectively increases the excretion of urine and helps with urinary problems caused by bacteria. Caution with liver or kidney damage. It does not contain sugar and aspartame.

Ingredients: juniper extract (Juniperus communis extract), Dalmatian sage extract (Salvia officinalis extract), laurel extract (Laurus nobilis extract), rosemary extract (Rosmarinus officinalis extract)

Recommended daily dose: Consume 300 mL of the prepared drink per day. The recommended daily dose contains 25% of the recommended daily need for antioxidants.

Method of preparation: mix 100 mL of concentrate with 900 mL of water, and consume during training or during the day. 1 L of concentrate gives 10 L of finished drink.

Packaging: 1000 mL

Store at room temperature.

Keep out of the reach of small children.

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